Making triathlon more accessible to women & girls ~ one race at a time!

Fund Her Tri , Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization chartered to support women in triathlon.

 Donors can deduct contributions they make under IRC Section 170.

Fund Her Tri Partners with YWCA Minneapolis Women's Triathlon

Barriers to entry for women in the sport of triathlon include money & time, we need more of both!! Since I can't provide more time,  I aim to attack the financial barrier. That’s why we're raising money to pay race registration fees for first-timers. 

I have an eleven year old daughter so I have a responsibility to her. I want to ensure that there are opportunities for my daughter to race AND that I’m doing my part to achieve equality in triathlon. As long as women make up only 30% of an event, there won’t be a need to offer us more spots to Kona or more prize money. To be clear, I am not fast enough for either of these things, but there’s an 11 year old girl out there who will be! 

That is the “why” for this organization. I want to grow the sport, but specifically, female participation.

One last thing - triathlon is not easy. And that’s why I believe women need it. We’re strong and we need a way to display that strength so that our kids can see it. We need to show off our grit & determination by doing hard things. 

 Let’s go and do all the hard things, ladies :) 

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Triathletes who want to share triathlon with as many women as possible! 

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Our Goal

 To provide sponsorship for first-time female triathletes of all ages!  

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