Program Details


Sponsored Athletes

  • This is our primary function. Fund Her Tri pays for the race registration fees of first-time, female triathletes of any age. 
  • We accept applications for Olympic distance events and shorter. Sponsorship is only available for races within the United States & Guam, up to $150. Fund Her Tri does not cover the cost of a USAT License. 
  • When an athlete applies for sponsorship, we reach out to the race that they would like to do and request to pay them in exchange for a code the applicant can use to register for the race. 
  • While we do team up with races/event companies for mutual promotion & support we do not limit sponsorship to those races; prospective triathletes can apply for sponsorship for ANY race within the U.S. & Guam.
  • We also offer “direct-sponsorship” where someone pays for the race registration of a first-timer, one for one. We let them know the cost of the race and they donate that amount, earmarked for a particular person or event. 

Rise & TRI Mentor Program

  • The purpose of this program is to help new triathletes have a positive triathlon experience & to foster an uplifting & supportive community.
  • This program is free & pairs experienced (3 years or more of triathlon experience) triathletes with beginners (>3 years of experience) for the purpose of answering questions & sharing resources. 
  • Each round runs for 3-5 months, leading up to the mentee’s goal race.
  • Rise & TRI is a way for triathletes to give back to their sport by volunteering their time & sharing their past experiences. 
  • For new triathletes, having someone to bounce questions off of can be the difference between doing 1 race or doing 100. 
  • Rise & TRI applications open again in December of 2021

Coaches Alliance

  • The purpose of this program is to keep women in the sport of triathlon. We are teaming up with Coaches to help bring awareness to just how valuable they are. 
  • Having a coach is an absolute game-changer, but it is also an investment. Our goal is to help athletes see the value in having a coach & increase their willingness to make the investment.
  • Coaches not only help triathletes balance training with family, work, school, etc. & reach their athletic goals, but they can have a profound effect on things such as fear of open water swimming, etc.
  • Coaches are required to make an annual donation of $75 to FHT, in exchange for positive exposure & advertising. 


  • The purpose of this program is to provide an opportunity for triathletes to get involved in the FHT mission. 
  • Ambassadors fund-raise & help spread awareness for FHT in their multisport communities. The funds raised go toward paying for first-timers to race so by being a part of this program, triathletes are giving back to triathletes & triathlon. 
  • This is not a triathlon team, but racing for something bigger than yourself is a wonderful thing and we want for women who have been changed by triathlon to have a community to be a part of. 
  • This program also provides access to discounted custom Fund Her Tri custom tri gear, but it is not required to purchase. 
  • The fundraising minimum is $100 & applications open twice per year (January & July) on the Fund Her Tri website.